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VIVO is a private real estate development firm which creates value for its own account and the portfolios of its partners through ground-up development of multi-family and commercial properties. VIVO's team and their affiliated entities have been involved with the development of over 10 million square feet of self-storage, retail, office and multi-family projects.

Through thoughtful development, creative placemaking, and an emphatic attention to details, VIVO has garnered local and national awards, positive industry recognition and strong demand for its projects during both good times, but more importantly throughout down cycles. 


This approach to development has resulted in a 23+ year track record of delivering attractive risk adjusted returns to its capital partners.   

In addition to development for its own account utilizing its own capital, VIVO works with joint venture land partners, wealthy individuals, REITs and other institutional investors to help them achieve their real estate investment objectives. As part of a larger investment portfolio strategy, Investors find value in working with a knowledgeable partner that has the ability to implement a value creation plan involving the simultaneous development of multiple sites. Further, with the Executive Team’s past experience representing the interests of banks, REITs, insurance companies and pension funds, VIVO has a reputation for producing comprehensive reports/updates that contain a level of detail seldom offered by other development partners. 

Unlike many developers who design and build with a short-term hold strategy, 

VIVO approaches development based on the underlying assumption that it will be the long-term owner and operator of each asset. This approach 

requires greater thought with regard to sustainability and long-term desirability, which together have a positive impact on valuation at the time of disposition. 

While VIVO is comfortable holding a property indefinitely, the decision to sell a property is largely dependent upon market conditions and the desires of all of the project’s partners. 

In an industry where integrity and trust are keystones to successful partnerships, and where timing and the speed of execution can make the difference between a market return and a great return, VIVO Development and its partners are atune to all aspects of the development and asset management process to secure and increase the value of its portfolio. 

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