In 2019 VIVO was proud to add to its Executive Team a 25-year veteran of the hospitality industry.  Having advised on brand/proto-type development and managed the opening and operations of exclusive properties for iconic hospitality innovators (Ian Schrager Hotels) and renowned global operators (Hilton Hotels, Joie de Vivre Hotels, Radisson Hotel Group), our Executive Team now promotes an elevated customer focused approach to our property and asset management platform.  While revenue management, corporate marketing and customer service are the underpinnings of successful hotel operations, the bottom line of other assets are certain to benefit from our Team's application of knowledge within these areas of value enhancement.   
As VIVO looks forward to the possibilities within the hospitality industry, it is anticipating and planning for the challenges, future needs and customer desires in a post-covid environment.  Our Team has chosen to focus its attention toward niche offerings within the Food Hall and Hotel hospitality segments where it can apply its expertise in innovative public-space design, creative social planning and resort-level operations.  As success will be earned by those whose offerings emote elevated brand experiences within patrons and guests, VIVO is looking forward to creating award-winning built environments that integrate the best that can be borrowed from other asset classes within which its Executive Team are proven experts.      

Land and Development Inquiries:

David Lu
Founding Partner

Hospitality Concept/Management Inquiries:

Chan Jin
Partner - Hospitality+Operations





As part of a larger mixed-use commercial and residential master plan located at a light rail stop within Phoenix, Culinary Hall is a Food Hall that will anchor a public open space designed to host local community events and weekly "night markets".  Culinary Hall will feature limited-menu food concepts developed and operated by local entrepreneurs, with a highlight on the ethnic cuisines celebrated by the area's diverse international immigrant population.  A central bar program and the shared beverage and food ordering systems, as well as all event and art programming, will be managed by VIVO's hospitality team.  

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