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VIVO's thoughtful and forward-thinking reinterpretation of the "storage experience" resulted in its receipt of the 2009 National "New Facility of the Year" award for its C3 Modern Storage facility in Chandler, Arizona.  This industry award lead to VIVO's recognition as a world class self-storage developer and helped forge the formation of a fee development relationship with Public Storage (PS) - the largest self-storage owner/operator in the world.  
While the PS relationship started with VIVO aiding the large REIT with the formalization of its in-house real estate development program, it transitioned into an exclusive development "partnership" for all of PS's new projects within the State of Arizona.  With direct underwriting and design collaboration with David Doll (President of PS), and full access to its operational data, VIVO's self-storage insight and expertise quickly advanced, and is now unmatched by few private developers within the industry. 

Land and Development Inquiries:

David Lu
Founding Partner

Asset Management Inquiries:

Chan Jin
Partner - Hospitality+Operations




C3 Modern Storage is the product of  VIVO's innovation and desire to elevate the design and customer experience of an asset class that was previously relegated to industrial parks and undesirable parcels of land.  More than a self-storage facility, C3 was a "brand experience" designed from the ground-up by VIVO's Executive Team.  Built on the selection criteria from a survey of Arizona based storage patrons, the brand tag line and marketing program highlighted C3's Cleanliness, Coolness (both climate control and design) and Convenience. 

In order to ensure the vision for C3 would not be tainted by "typical" deliverables in the eyes of architects within the industry, VIVO took the extra-ordinary measure of hiring a resort hotel lobby architect "on staff" to work with the VIVO Team to design the leasing office, common areas and customer touch-points - down to the separate his/her restroom layouts and finishes.   

When creating the concept in 2007, VIVO had one singular goal in mind.  From this goal the brand slogan was born - Self-Storage Redefined.  From VIVO's vision through implementation, to receipt of the award for "New Facility of the Year" for the entire country, C3 Modern Storage served as an international benchmark and redefined the expectations for new self-storage development.   

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